My dream has always been to own a little pastry shop.

The smell of croissants fresh out of the oven in the morning, coffee and hot chocolate while it’s cold outside, few small tables by the window, couples having sweet treats and neighbors making their last stop before going home to pick up some fresh bread for dinner. It was just my imagination running wild back home.

A few years ago, I left my corporate job, moved to New York and married a Frenchman. Yes, you read well! A Frenchman, who would have thought! Sometimes it seemed to me that my husband missed Paris, so I began to bake some French cookies and pastries to remind him about his home sweet home. To my biggest surprise it was simply delicious, I decided to go learn and perfect my recipes during a vacation trip in Paris for a month.

What started as a hobby became a passion. In Paris i have discovered the art of making the perfect macaron. The process is certainly easy like all French recipes, but like all simple things in life, it can be very easy to make it a flop. Today I’m happy to say that I live my passion. What was all a dream became a reality. Baking for living is what I do now and I have never been so happy.

We bake all our macrons with love!

Pauline & Aaron